• Rent: Geatano Pesce "Nobody's Perfect" Chair
  • Rent: Geatano Pesce "Nobody's Perfect" Chair

Rent: Geatano Pesce "Nobody's Perfect" Chair

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"Nobody's Perfect" Chair

Designed by Gaetano Pesce, Italian, born 1939. Made by Quattrocchio S.r.L., Alessandria, Italy, 1919 - present

With Nobody's Perfect, Pesce came to terms with what he sees as the impossibility of truly perfect design. The pieces in this line of furniture reflect this belief literally, having been cast in molds by hand without uniform colors or dimensions. Because each chair or table is different, the person who physically produces it becomes part of the design process, signing a "birth" certificate that is issued with each piece. As such, a finished piece reveals the shortcomings of its maker as proof that nobody's perfect.

All rentals must be picked up and dropped off by a company of your choosing as we do not offer delivery for rental furniture. Your company must blanket wrap furniture to and from our space. Should any damages happen to the furniture, we reserve the right to charge you for two extra rental days. Please contact us with any other questions that you may have.

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