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Hanging Wall Art by Leah Horowitz c. 2021

Hanging Wall Art by Leah Horowitz c. 2021

Hanging Wall Art by Leah Horowitz c. 2021

Title Untitled (Rolled Out)
Year 2021
Materials Oil painting on layered monoprint on
"I work to depict our collective present landscapes. While making work that presents both articial and natural qualities, my attention slips into abstract spaces in order to process emerging ecologies. As a queer artist with ADD and dyslexia, I attempt to make an alternative translation of reality that exists outside of accepted linguistic, social, and cultural norms into an empowering space. 
My practice is provincial in the sense that my relationship to time, material, and the environment around me aect the way things nd their way into meaning and form in my work. By intersecting painting, sculpture, video and installation, I also give shape and structure to personal feelings– using a variety of methods to give the viewer a chance to engage through a mixture of senses."
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