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Speaker [2021] by Anna Brodersen and Borislav Hinov

Speaker [2021] by Anna Brodersen and Borislav Hinov
Speaker [2021] by Anna Brodersen and Borislav Hinov
Speaker [2021] by Anna Brodersen and Borislav Hinov
Anna Brodersen

Speaker [2021] by Anna Brodersen and Borislav Hinov

Borislav, and I met in furniture studio at the University of Kansas. Through Boby's work in creating custom speakers, and through my art - specializing in the study of colors and shapes - our idea for a painted speaker became real.

The goal of this project was to create this object of a “speaker.” A music box that, at the risk of commonplace, sings. 
Sings, dances, vibes with you as a bold yet enigmatic counterpart to your space. 


Anna is a Lebanese-American Artist and Architect, with a Master's of Architecture from the University of Kansas School of Architecture, and a background in Art.

Her painting practice began while living in Paris, and later grew during a summer in Lebanon with her aunt. Since then her multimedia approach has flourished alongside her architecture career, each informing the other.

Using emotion to drive color, geometry, and human form, Anna’s work communicates both joy and suffering, a duality that stems from her lived experience of embodying two opposite cultures in a world that craves assimilation.

Anna is offering three pieces of her artwork for sale through Lichen with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Palestine Legal, a non-profit organization that protects the civil and constitutional rights of people in the US who speak out for Palestinian freedom.

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