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Selah Lamp by Nmbello Studio

Selah Lamp by Nmbello Studio
Selah Lamp by Nmbello Studio
Nmbello Studio

Selah Lamp by Nmbello Studio

Designed by: Nifemi-Marcus Bello

Country of Origin: Lagos, Nigeria 

59"H x 11''W x 13''D

Bulb Type: T-10 2700k

While exploring the existing manufacturing possibilities in Lagos, Nigeria, Nifemi discovered a factory using sheet metal to produce metal casings for electrical power generators for the Nigerian market. The generators are popular, due to the lack of 24 hour electricity in homes causing individuals to have a backup supply of electricity via the generator.

A lamp, bookshelf or a stool, the Selah lamp was designed to consider and accommodate the personality of its user and not the other way around.

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