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This year for our holiday gift guide we got outside of the showroom and put our products to use in their intended location: the home.

Friend of the shop renald Louissant hosted us at his Bed Stuy apartment where we gathered over food, wine, and games. 

1. Plissé Electric Kettle by Alessi, 2. Pivot Waste/Recycle Bin, 3. Slippers by SUBU

4. Espresso Coffee Maker by Alessi, 5. One Kiln Ceramics 6. T-1000 Spoon Rest by Alessi, 7. Parmenide Grater by Alessi, 8. Puebco Kitchen Cloth

14. Rod Lamp by Diesel Living, 15. Hinoki Trivet, 16. Linen Napkin Set by Lichen NYC x Silphium, 17. Place Mat Set by Lichen NYC x Silphium

18. Spring Copenhagen Double Up Carafe Vase, 19. Hand Blown Drinking Glass, 20. Couple Coaster by Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez

21. Sconce 4 by Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez, 22. Zabu Floor Pillows

23. 3-Piece Side Table by Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez, 24. Suydam Stool by Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez, 25. Kave Table by Aidan Elias, 26. Rod Lamp by Diesel Living, 27. Leather Tray by En Op, 28. Couple Coaster by Alvaro Ucha Rodriguez, 29. Japanese Incense Kit by Fragile Glass 

Happy Holidays!
-Team Lichen
Photos by Snikka, Graphics by Vivian Mak

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